We work with our clients to create the best design for their users’ needs. Design is an integral component of industrial products, furniture and crafts. We utilize our extensive experience to devise solutions to the barriers and problems frequently encountered in product development, such as production costs and usability. Our thorough and sincere design process aims to achieve output at the highest degree of perfection.


Keiichiro Egami

Keiichiro EgamiIndustrial Designer

Keiichiro Egami was born in Mie Prefecture, Japan in 1975. After studying industrial design at university, he joined Brother Industries, where he was in charge of design for home and industrial sewing machines, industrial machinery, printers, scanners and other office equipment. Egami has been awarded many accolades in his career, such as the Good Design Award and the German iF Design Award. In 2012, he was the recipient of the Good Design Gold Award. He established Keiichiro Egami Design in 2020.

“I’ve loved making things for as long as I can remember. My grandfather was a roofer, my father was a mechanical designer and my uncle was a housing designer by trade. I was blessed to grow up in an environment surrounded by tools and materials that could be used for crafting. When I was in elementary school, I practiced my skills at home every day in anticipation for arts and crafts class, earning me the nickname “craftsman” among my classmates.”

“Recently, I have been focusing on “Strong Design”. To me, “Strong Design” is natural, sincere and inevitable, unswayed by trends and fads. With strong design at the core, one can add playful elements to make the details come alive.”